Help 4 HD Live!

Found on BlogTalkRadio, the first international radio show for Huntington’s disease awareness brings science, research, clinical trials, education, and inspiration to its community. Help 4 HD Radio has 95,000+ listeners and 220+ archived episodes. Help keep the first international radio show for Huntington’s disease on the air. Your donations are greatly appreciated, and will help us continue to educate our community! http://www.blogtalkradio/help4hd

Research 4 HD

If you would like to host a event or donate to a Huntington’s disease or a Juvenile Huntington’s disease research please contact us through our contact page. We will help support you throughout the whole process and one hundred percent of the net proceeds from the event will go the HD/JHD researcher of your choice.

The Huntington's Post

The first international newspaper for the Huntington’s disease community, “The Huntington’s Post” is an online newspaper written by and for the Huntington’s disease community. Articles about research and events are written by the community for the community. Your donations will help us continue to maintain this website and publish vital and informational articles all about JHD/HD and trials/studies!

Thank you to Teva Pharmaceuticals for making The Huntington’s Post possible.



In 2012, Help 4 HD International created “HD-Needs,” a place where the JHD/HD community can come to share and request equipment, ideas, and experiences. Do you need special equipment? Do you have special equipment to give to others in our community? All donations received for this program will go to help the community with special equipment needs.

Help 4 HD International General Operations Fund

Help 4 HD staff and volunteers devote many hours of their personal time to help build the organization. Please help support our general operations fund. Your generous giving will help us to create and support additional programs and services for our Huntington’s disease and Juvenile Huntington’s disease community!

New Programs

Caring 4 HD

Caring 4 HD, the Affordability Shop & Resource Center, is located at 423 W. Ocean Avenue, Lompoc, California. This year, Help 4 HD International opened its first Resource Center & Affordability Shop in Lompoc, located on the California Central Coast. HD families can get gently used clothing, furniture, and other items at no cost because of generous donations made by others. This is also a place for HD families, caregivers, and support groups to meet to get much needed information, education, resources, and assistance, such as help with applying for disability benefits. Help 4 HD is determined to find the underserved areas and help the families in need. Won’t you help us help them? Please support the Resource Center & Affordability Shop!

Help 4 JHD

This is a new program designed to promote JHD research and awareness. Our first walk was on June 13, 2015, at McKinley Park in Sacramento, CA, to raise money for Dr. Jan Nolta’s JHD Research Initiative (the first of its kind ever for JHD) at UC Davis. Since that event the community has come together through Help 4 JHD and hosted events across the country. All net proceeds from these events went directly to JHD research.

Law Enforcement Education Program (LEEP)

Recognizing the need to educate law enforcement about Huntington’s disease, we launched LEEP in 2014 at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference in Orlando, FL. We are on a mission to educate our police officers, firefighters, EMTs and other law enforcement officials about how to identify HD and other neurological disorders and how to approach individuals who may be cognitively impaired. Please support this very important program. To download brochure for your local law enforcement/first responder agency, click here: Law Enforcement Brochure To watch one of our law enforcement education video’s please visit:

Help 4 JHD Documentary

Help 4 HD International has started filming a short film about Juvenile Huntington’s disease. The goal in this program is to bring awareness as well has research funds for JHD. To watch “The Warriors” trailer please visit:

Help us implement these programs for our Huntington's disease community by donating to Help 4 HD International. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Help 4 HD Relief Fund

The Help 4 HD Relief Fund was started to help individuals in the HD/JHD community with emergency support. Many times, our community needs money for medication, food, clothing, and other necessities. When individuals are in limbo with social services or loss of employment and benefits, this fund will give relief to people who are in dire need, as long as there is money in this special account. There are very few organizations that have been willing to help our beloved HD/JHD families with an emergency fund. Individuals can apply for assistance by completing the online form. More Information >


The magazine was launched on August 1, 2014, to commemorate the inaugural symposium 2014 at The Historic Santa Maria Inn in Santa Maria, CA. It was an epic event with twelve keynote speakers and many people converging from all over the country to listen and learn. In addition, we had three amazing Huntington’s disease associations travel all the way from Mexico City to join us for this momentous occasion. Please support Help 4 HD Magazine!

Help 4 HD Registry

This is a new international registry for the Huntington’s disease community. The purpose of our registry is to provide a platform to instantly connect our HD loved ones to research and science through clinical trials and studies. Help 4 HD International is able to work directly with the international Huntington’s community due to the fact that we are not regulated by an IRO. More Information >