We Need Your Help! Please Take Action Now!

Click below on “FDA Form Letter” to view a sample of a letter to the FDA.  All you have to do is date it, print it out, sign it, and mail it.  You should be able to edit this document if you would like to use it as a template to get you started.  If you want to add your contact information for the FDA to reach you, that would be great, too! Let’s all be HD/JHD advocates and write to the FDA today!

Mail your signed, completed letter to:

Division of Neurology Products

10903 New Hampshire Ave. Building 22 Suite 4346

Silver Spring, MD 20993


FDA Form Letter

  • Dale Clausen Meyer

    Done! I took your FDA Form Letter & edited it to my own approach, printed it in large font & it’s in the mailbox to go out on 1/31/2017. Thanks for your efforts to get the rest of us on board to writing to the FDA.

    • Katie Jackson

      Dale thank you so much. It is time the FDA hears from all of us!

  • Yoke Teng Alice Lee

    I do need help with sending the letter. I am in Singapore and don’t have any printer here.

    • Sharon McClellan BelieveinaCur

      Hi! I’ll be glad to help you with this! If you will pm me on Facebook permission to type your signature, along with exactly what you want it to be and the return address to use, I’ll be glad to print the letter out and mail it for you.

      • Yoke Teng Alice Lee

        How do I pm you with permission to type my signature Sharon

        • Sharon McClellan BelieveinaCur

          We are friends on Facebook, so just send me a private message through Facebook 🙂

          • Yoke Teng Alice Lee

            Ok. Sorry It is taking so long. I did write it once before using my smartpone and I accidentally closed it without saving. 🙂

  • smoylan

    I believe there are now two approved drugs. Am I incorrect?

    • You are correct. There is tetrabenazine (Xenazine) by Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals and the newer Austedo by Teva Pharmaceuticals. You can read an article about it by Dr. LaVonne Goodman on http://www.hddrugworks.org.